About CloudBuilt

One Conference, Endless Solutions

CloudBuilt is the first European conference that focuses on multi-cloud environments and connects IT professionals across platforms like Microsoft, AWS andGoogle. The concept was born from Anouck Fierens, Microsoft MVP, who after attending a conference in USA, saw the need for a conference in Europe, that would help unite IT professionals with expertise in various Cloud Solutions from different providers. The aim is to help broaden attendees' knowledge on what's coming next, the art of the possible, and to help you and your organisation choose what suits your needs best, that you may not even know about!

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Why CloudBuilt?

Experience networking opportunities in a unique setting where business meets technology. With morning workshops tackling real-world challenges, an exhibition featuring top cloud suppliers, keynotes, and sessions throughout the day, topped off with an evening rock concert amidst historic steam engines, CloudBuilt promises an unforgettable experience.

It's also the place to party with live music to bring together an afternoon of Business and Technical sessions presented by people already delivering multi-cloud environments. A chance to hear from people with live experience of what will become the next IT challenge of managing services across multiple clouds.

Maybe you have questions:

  • How can I monitor my services in Google Cloud and Azure or AWS at the same time?
  • Is cloud shopping for best value a reality... yet?
  • How can I manage the costs when one cloud service is complex and now, I have 3?
  • How can I ensure that data restoration and backup is achieved regardless of the cloud location?
  • ... and have I just tripled my security risks by adding another cloud service?

We want to help your business stay on track with your infrastructure as we bring experts with hands-on experience to talk about the challenges and best practices to solve them


We need a special location for the first event.

That's why Trainworld, in the heart of Brussels and reachable by public transport and especially... trains, is our trackside venue. Featuring an exhibition in the magnificent Ticket Hall, presentations and sessions in carriages, and a night with the trains, the history, and some live rock'n'roll, CloudBuilt will be the tech event that no one forgets.

Trainworld is a Traveller’s choice on TripAdvisor and has been recognised by Michelin travel guide. Located at Schaerbeek station, Train World offers a blend of old and new in the heart of Europe. It contains collection of steam engines, including the iconic Pays de Waes—the oldest remaining steam engine in Europe. Take in the breathtaking views from the bridge and mezzanine, overlooking both the city and the tracks below.

Although we cannot guarantee extra assistance, families and kids are welcome to join you while you attend the tech event!

How to get there?

Situated at Schaerbeek station in Brussels, Train World is conveniently located in the heart of Europe's railway network.

For those traveling from the Benelux region, you'll find direct train connections to Schaerbeek station from major cities like Brussels, Antwerp, and Ghent.

If you're coming from other parts of Europe, Brussels is well-connected by high-speed train services like Thalys and Eurostar, making it really easy to reach the venue. Once you arrive at Schaerbeek station, Train World is just a short walk away, allowing you to dive straight into the excitement of CloudBuilt without any hassle.